Let me guess...

You are feeling stuck in your career and you don’t know where to start. You are looking to unlock your potential and advance to the next level but there is so much on your plate that you end up in a place of confusion not knowing how to balance it all or where your next move is.

You are hungry for success but it’s hard to organize your ideas and plan effectively, feel confident, negotiate like the queen you know you are and slay those goals. 

You know in your heart you have so much more to give but lack the confidence to navigate the corporate world and get out of your comfort zone. 

The glass ceiling feels real AF. #sendhelp  


  • You have limiting beliefs that keep you from reaching your full potential
  • You are struggling with self-doubt and finding your voice #impostersyndrome
  • You daydream about accomplishing big things in your career and would love to map out a concise and clear life plan #feelingdisorganizedAF
  •  You question yourself and wonder if your current job is what you truly love
  • You have an idea of where you want to go and what you want your next title to be, but you can’t seem to get clear on how to get there
  • Or you have so many ideas, but you have not quite decided what your dream job is
  • You have been contemplating a career change, quitting or asking for a promotion but it feels unrealistic
  • You can't find your voice when it comes to the tough conversations or asking for a raise #equalpay
  • You wish you had a larger professional community you could turn to for support and networking is not as easy as it seems
  • You would love to create an impact and have a stronger presence in your industry #leadership
  • At times it feels like your professional life is taking a toll on your health and personal life, it feels like something’s missing and you are ready to redefine success and find alignment #burnout
  • Something doesn’t feel right in the workplace and you need an extra boost of empowerment, but you don't know your rights
  • You keep postponing your own personal and career goals because there are so many other things in your life you need to deal with #overwhelm


  • Having a clear vision of where you want to go along with a concise and inspiring action plan  
  • Feeling empowered to take the risks and necessary steps to build a purposeful life and paycheck 
  • Earning what you are worth #moremoneyhoney and snagging that promotion #CEOenroute
  • Finding balance and alignment between your personal life, work and who you are at your core 
  • Loving your job so much that you don’t have to work a day in your life; waking up excited to go to work every day
  • Having a professional community that guides and supports you #cheersquad
  • Shattering the glass ceiling, overcoming all obstacles in the workplace, owning your place and ditching toxic environments  
  • Feeling ready to take your career to the next level and being the leader you know you are #leadership 

That's why I created Career Climber

When we are growing up, we are conditioned to believe that we can only accomplish so much, therefore we limit ourselves from living our wildest dreams. I'm here to tell you that even BEYOND your wildest dreams, ANYTHING is possible. You will face countless barriers in your professional journey, but you cannot let your fears be bigger than your motives

The purpose of this program is to empower you and help you transition from your old belief system to new and refreshing beginnings, to discover who you truly are, what you really want and what a fulfilling life and career will look like for you. Combining the deep work with tools, strategies and support systems, you will feel confident to take big action towards your biggest goals.

With gender inequalities pervasive in corporate systems, combined with workplace hasrassment and that ever present glass ceiling, this program will help you navigate and look at the corporate world from a different angle. You will plan, organize, and execute your professional plan; use your voice, position yourself as an industry leader, and overcome obstacles in ways your never thought were possible. 

I've been there before so I will be able to support you every step of your journey. We all need that wing woman and career bestie! I'd love to be yours.  

How does Career Climber work?


The Career Climber is organized into three phases with 8 weekly focused modules

The lessons are released in weekly modules that consist of easy to follow videos, written scripts, done for you resources, organizational tools and workbooks to help you execute on your lessons and exercises. 

All the coaching is online, delivered in a private online membership site you will have lifetime access to. Every week there is a group coaching call with me and your fellow Goal Getters, as well as a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, champion one another, and build the community that is crucial for career success! 

We even asign a bestie so that you have a partner to support you through the program - trust us, you belong here.  


  • Discover your true self, determine your core values, and define your professional mission statement
  • Experience a crucial mindset shift so that you can overcome your self sabotaging thoughts
  • Create new systems of living, developing powerful habits to become organized and productive
  • Inspire a great vision for your personal and professional life, and map out a structured life plan to align with your career: it's never to late to transition into a meaningful and purposeful career 


  • Create a succinct step by step career flow chart
  • Intentionally strategize to expand your support system and network with mentors
  • Negotiate your salary and promotion
  • Level up your personal branding game
  • Effectively plan and execute an intensive and intentional job hunting strategy and get ahead of the game


  • Own your space, use your voice and build confidence
  • Become the expert at creating meaningful relationships with colleagues
  • Transform your behaviours to be an influential leader and make an impact
  • Recognize workplace harassment and discrimination, and be armed with the knowledge of your rights
  • Design a career on core values
  • Claim what you really want 
  • Discover your unique gifts + evaluate your goals
  • Identify your biggest fears
  • Creative positive affirmations to change your inner dialogue
  • The one question you need to answer to have a fulfilling career and life
  • Habits of highly confident people
  • Your personal pillars as jet fuel for your career
  • Productivity hacks 
  • Goal mapping
  • Career assessment 
  • Plan your growth strategy  
  • Assess and expand your circle of influence
  • Determine your ideal mentors and sponsors and create a networking plan
  • Your external resources as career jet fuel
  • Networking tips for building meaningful relationships 
  • Set up your professional brand and online presence
  • Your resume makeover
  • Ace the interview tips
  • The power of finding your voice in everyday business
  • Create your map of values based dream companies
  • Design a bullet proof job hunting strategy 
  • Identify if your professional boundaries
  • Learn the art and science of negotiating salaries and promotions
  • How to quit without burning bridges 
  • Healthy conflict resolution
  • Identifying your cheerleaders + being a cheerleader
  • Approaching senior leadership for relationship building and referrals
  • How to handle workplace bullies
  • Unique barriers + tools to expanding diversity, equity and belonging
  • Hidden discrimination and your power
  • How to say something if you see something
  • Know Your Rights cheat sheet 
  • Embodying self leadership
  • Contributing to a values based culture
  • Tried + tested process for effective leadership
  • Identify your unique leadership style  

Clear and organized modules in an easy to use online platform with downloadable worksheets and lesson plans

Done for you templates and easy to follow video tutorials with weekly coaching calls for that collective and 1:1 support




And just for this one time only... 

1:1 private 60 minute coaching call with me! 

Valued at $299 

Hi, I'm Lina ...

Career Coach to all my Career Climbers, watching women smash the glass ceiling and live a life of purpose is my MO. 

If you're looking to excel in your career without jeopardizing your health or social life, while living intentionally with joy and fulfillment, you're in the right place.

I have worked with professionals for the last six years in both the service and Human Resources industry, supporting hundreds of clients in securing their dream role. 

My specialty is assessing business blind spots in relation to people strategy, and coaching professionals towards career choices that are aligned with their personal values. Whether it be in small ways like resume support to intense interview prep, or bigger ways like workplace harassment, leadership training, and negotiating a higher salary, I cherish my role in helping clients gain the confidence they need for success in the corporate world.

I now work with purpose driven professionals looking to build a meaningful career that allows them to share their unique brand of magic with this world ...without the toxicity of demeaning workplace cultures, burnout, and unfair pay. No more soul sucking paychecks!

My favourite questions are: "If fear showed up as an excuse, what is yours?" and "If failure means not trying, what do you need to try?"... I ask that you give yourself permission to succeed. On your own terms. And be the CEO of your career and life.



  • You dream about that promotion and finally having your brilliance acknowleged at work but…..
  • You feel insecure, uncertain, and unable to use your voice and take action to stand out from the crowd and do what it takes to land your dream gig...you don’t even know where to start 
  • You already have a secure job but it’s not giving you that sense of fulfillment you're craving, and you're not sure how you're going to survive anymore of the Monday Blue's
  • It seems impossible to snag a senior management role, the culture feels toxic and you're sure there's a bias against women (GOODBYE #workplaceharassment)
  • You're over the office drama of who gets what benefits so you find yourself accepting it is what it is and not negotiating a higher salary, more vacation weeks, or any other benefits you know deep down you deserve
  • The burnout is real, you can't remember the last time you weren't a stressball and didn't feel this level of fatigue and overwhelm
  • You don't love your job, you don't know what job you would love, and you feel doomed to a life of soul sucking paychecks
  • You need a career bestie to help you believe in yourself, say yes to your dream, and keep you accountable along the way #ittakesavillage


  • You want to start your own business and quit the cubicle
  • You want a completely done for you program that requires no work or input from you whatsoever
  • You aren’t willing to dig deep and commit to transforming your life  

By the end of this program you will ...

  • Determine your purpose filled career and earn paychecks doing what you love
  • Use your genius zone to impact the world without compromising your core values
  • Communicate with an authentic voice, confidently 
  • Have a knockout game plan for resumes and interviews
  • Negotiation tactics to get equal pay and well deserved promotions
  • A girl gang you can count on and one that can count on you #bragbuddies
  • Mentorship strategies for success
  • Mindsets to own your presence and overcome the imposter syndrom
  • Organize and plan effectively, find balance, and create energy boosting habits
  • Accountability and a support system reminding you of your BIG WHY
  • Belong to a professional community that has your back all.the.damn.time

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the content for this program unique?

This program is designed by women, for women, and is deeply engrained in academic research and statistics. After understanding both the theory and research in combination with real women's lived experiences, we have created a program that is truly here to serve women and the complex experiences they encounter in corporate systems. 

A lot of the content in this program is based on formulas for success that have been implemented in multiple industries and would work for any general corporation, and any woman at any level of her company outside of executive leadership. 

Help - I don't have ANY career plans

If you don't know what your dream job is, this program will definitely support you in discovering what a fulfilling career would look like for you. 

Most of us will explore mulitple career transitions in our lifetimes, but the tools and strategies in Career Climber will translate to any job you have or career change you make. They are timeless principles that will support you as you navigate your career - at any company, and at almost any level (until you're CEO, babe!).

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes there is a money back guarantee. After the first two weeks if you have shown up fully and realize this is not the right program for you - no worries! You will get a full refund, no questions asked.

At the end of the day, we are here for YOU and your RISE to the TOP. We truly believe with our programs, free resources, incredible community of wing women and Out of Office Retreats that we have you COVERED. 

You slaying, with or without us, has us popping those champagne bottles! #Fangirling

I'm on a budget, are there payment plans?

Don't worry, we have a payment plan! 

We want this course to be accessible for everyone, and for you to still have that #worklifebalance. 

“Lina is so knowledgeable, passionate and good at holding you accountable to your own dreams while inspiring you to dream even bigger. She has your back and gives you the tools you need to stand on your own.”

Natalia, New York City

"Lina is truly the ultimate career bestie! She is motivational and passionate and has helped me to completely change around my circumstances. She has encouraged me to believe and do things that I never thought were possible, to gain confidence and to own my space."

Tatiana, Toronto