Let me guess...

You feel like there is SO MUCH MORE to life. You’re a creative, an entrepreneur at heart, and you know you have a bigger purpose, a unique gift to share with this world. But, it is NOT happening in your corporate cubicle.  

You dream of writing your resignation letter, taking a leap into your full time side hustle, and yet just as soon as you allow yourself to dream, the fears and overwhelm kick in and you tell yourself, “not now”.


  • Are you wanting to quit the cubicle but you have become addicted to the ultimate dream killer: the steady old paycheck?
  • Are you stuck on what business to start, because you just have sooooo many ideas?
  • Are you not THAT miserable at work, although you know you're not truly sharing your brilliance with the world, because you feel like it's all been done before?
  • Have you had a big dream in mind but with limited time on your hands, you have no idea where to start, how to build it, how to test if others would pay for it, so you keep telling yourself you're just not quite ready yet?
  • Do you already have a business but it's not making the impact you thought it would and you're overwhelmed, burnt out and on your last legs?


  • Earning your paychecks doing what you lovvvvveeee
  • Shattering that damn glass ceiling - be the CEO with unlimited income potential 
  • Handing in your resignation letter to your boss and kicking the cubicle with a clear plan
  • Reducing time, stress, anxiety and overwhelm by following a step by step proven system that outlines *exactly* what you need to do to bring your biz to life 
  • Understanding all the tech around websites, email lists, funnels and social media
  • Earning unlimited income  
  • FREEDOM: time, financial and location freedom... every.damn.day
  • Reprogramming your belief system to allow for abundance, success and overcome fear and doubt
  • Feeling alive, awake and on purpose while you make an impact in the world

That's why I created Build Her Biz 

The truth is, making a big decision and life change of any kind is scary. You will NEVER feel ready if you listen to your fear-based mind. Choosing fear over faith will mean that you might never know your potential, or the possibilities of living a life you LOVE on your own terms. To build a life of purpose, one that is truly aligned with your values and the dreams at the core of your heart will never be brought to life if you don’t take that leap of faith in YOURSELF.  

Like Beyonce said, if you're going to bet on anyone or anything, bet on yourself.  

I know it can be overwhelming and scary (trust me, I've been there), but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do it on your own.  

Build Her Biz will support you with a transition plan, from corporate cubicle to a purpose-filled entrepreneur. With an 8 week system to help dissect exactly what business you should start and provide you with proven step by step strategies to bring that business to life, this is the business BFF you never knew you needed.  

Balanced between mindset and strategy , Build Her Biz is built to set you up for success and transform your life and help you earn money doing what you love.  

How does Build Her Biz work?


Build Her Biz is organized into three phases, broken down into weekly focused modules over 8 weeks. The lessons are released in weekly modules that consist of easy to follow videos, downloads, done for you resources and workbooks to help you execute on your lessons. 

We know our type A's want to run ahead butttttt there is a lot of content here, and we don't want to overwhelm your process. This is a tried and tested process that works much more effectively one step at a time. It's all about balance, babe. 

All the coaching is online, delivered in a private online membership site you will have lifetime access to. Every week there is a group coaching call with me and your fellow dream chasers (including your assigned program bestie), as well as a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, champion one another, and build the community that is oh-so-essential for entrepreneurial success! 

The curriculum focuses on inspiring education and intentional action. Learning the ropes is key BUT the implementation of the knowledge is what moves the needle. The program is designed in a way to help you put into action all the strategies with a support squad and me, coaching you every step of the way

Accountability, motivation, support, and cheer all the way!  


  • Your purpose monetized: earn money doing what you love 
  • Niche nailed: choose between your multiple ideas/refine your one idea and understand your market 
  • A validated product or service that stands out in your market to your dream customer
  • Move beyond your fear and doubt so that you can step into your truth and live out your purpose
  • The Jailbreak Express: A budget spreadsheet to help you save money so you can quit the cubicle confidently
  • Your business model defined with your VIP checklist #hellofreedom [A note on Incorporation, accounting, and legal] 
  • Confidence in knowing how to price your product or service
  • Organized finances and cash flow done for you spreadsheets to plan for profits
  • A new money mindset: think like the rich
  • Bullet proof business plan ready to present to investors or the bank


  • Your unique brand strategy 
  • Marketing that gets to the heart of it all
  • Communication that builds community
  • Website built and SEO taken care of
  • Your social media strategy so you aren't leaving money on the table


  • Automated digital marketing with easy to follow funnel blue prints
  • Exponentially grow your email list
  • Sell with soul not slime
  • Your biz baby launched into the world
  • Leadership mindset (oh hey, CEO)
  • Connect to your Ultimate Cheer Squad (pom poms and all, making life and biz is so much sweeter)


  • Your dream team designed
  • A rock solid corporate culture strategy
  • Your effective management style defined 

Along with mindset messages attached to every week and ongoing support on weekly calls, this is what you can expect ...

  • Discover your purpose and how to connect it with what business you start
  • Use your core values to build a sustainable business
  • Define your ideal customer and test your idea
  • Stand out from the crowd: a competitor analysis 
  • Nail your niche and dig deep into the problem you plan to solve 

Bonus: Vision Board Prompts

  • Know exactly how to price your products/services
  • Define your business model 
  • Track the numbers that make the most cents 
  • Done for you spreadsheets to keep your financials organized
  • A detailed business plan ready to be shared with the world

  • Implement the core elements of brand and have a standout brand kit
  • Create a brand that makes an IMPACT with identity, image, positioning and communication
  • Design a marketing strategy around genuine connection, empathy and bravery
  • Be an extraordinary marketer that creates real change and takes people on a journey of transformation
  • Step by step process starting with deciding what website platform you should choose
  • Tech tutorials teaching you exactly how to build your website 
  • Tech tutorials teaching you exactly how to attach your domains [www.xyz.com] to your website 
  • SEO strategies and pages that power your website
  • Complete instagram strategy taking you from zero to hero 
  • How to elevate your instagram profile to attract the right tribe
  • Presets we love for your images
  • Stock photography sources
  • How to customize your instagram stories 
  • Automate your instagram posts
  • Using Facebook and Pinterest to power your social strategies
  • Done for you social calendar and a strategy to create three months worth of content in three hours
  • Create lead magnets and landing pages that build your email list 
  • Email swipe files to nurture your community while you sleep
  • Automate your marketing and sales process with a funnel blue print
  • The word you need to use instead of "sell" to confidently get your magic out into the world 
  • Attract ideal clients and close without any manipulative strategies 
  • Know exactly what to say and when to say it with sales scripts
  • Identify where you should be selling your product/service
  • Your business launch strategy
  • Embodying a leadership mindset as the CEO
  • Harnessing the power of your ultimate cheer squad

Clear and organized modules in an easy to use online platform with downloadable worksheets and lesson plans

Done for you templates and easy to follow video tutorials with weekly coaching calls for that collective and 1:1 support




And just for this one time only... 

A private 1:1 coaching 60 minute coaching call you can use at anytime throughout the program 

Valued at $299

Hi, I'm Robyn ...

Business Coach to all my biz-y baes, I honour the sacred journey my clients trust me with. The Spark Notes version is that I am a connector: I connect people to their potential, to the limitless possibilities around them, to a purpose-filled paycheck, and to people who support their big dreams.

I have worked in business consulting and strategy (both for profit and non profit models) for over seven years with hundreds of clients (on 4 continents), helping million dollar franchisees, billion dollar companies and (my favourite) small business owners build successful businesses they love. From partnering with Vogue, Versace, Brooks Brothers and the United Nations Association of Canada, to working between surf sessions in Hawaii and from my holiday home in Vanuatu, I have been able to check off a lot of my professional bucket list items. 

I now work with purpose driven clients looking to build a lifestyle business that allows them to share their unique brand of magic with this world and unsubscribe from the corporate 9-5. 

I consider business to be one of the greatest adventures, and so I enjoy coaching clients while simultaneously adventuring in the world on our Out of Office immersive retreats. [You should totallyyyyy join us!]

My favourite questions are "what makes you come alive?" and "why NOT you?" Once you say HELL YES to your dreams, we do whatever it takes to bring them to life. 



  • You dream about quitting your 9-5 and sharing your brilliance with the world but…..
  • You feel trapped, stuck, and unsure about how to take action to bring your business to life and create a life you dream of...you don’t even know where to start 
  • You already have your own business but it’s not making the impact you always hoped it would and you’re feeling unsure how you’re going to turn it into a profitable business
  • You're over the tech-y drama of setting up your business online so you find yourself living inside your business way more than you want to #dontfearthefunnel
  • You need a business bestie to help you believe in yourself, say yes to your dream, and keep you motivated and accountable along the way #ittakesavillage


  • You are truly happy in your corporate gig and you don’t want to be an entrepreneur
  • You want a completely done for you program that requires no work or input from you whatsoever
  • You've already got this business thing down and you're looking to scale beyond six figures
  • You aren’t willing to dig deep and commit to transforming your life  

By the end of this program you will ...

  • Determine your purpose filled business and earn paychecks doing what you love
  • Use your genius zone to impact the world
  • Communicate with an authentic voice to build a community of raving fans
  • Have tech stuff taken care of so no more overwhelm (websites and funnels, bae)
  • A lifestyle business model with systems so you can really enjoy your newfound freedom without having to live inside your business 24/7
  • Confidence to quit the cubicle
  • Money making strategies for success
  • Mindsets to own your presence and accept abundance as you grow alongside your business
  • Accountability and a support system reminding you of your BIG WHY
  • Belong to a business community that has your back all.the.damn.time


  • I know the corporate world inside and out: I know where you are and I know how to get you to where you want to be 
  • Global experience: I've lived and worked in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. I have that insider knowledge to support you even if you're not from Canada or the USA or you want to explore international markets
  • I've worked in multiple levels of business, and although I love the startup phase, I do know what a nine and ten figure business looks like and the foundation we build is one that is designed for you to grow
  • I am a mom to a toddler! My emphasis is to build a business that supports your personal life, not overwhelms it
  • I have non profit and private sector experience so I can help you if you're looking to build a charity or social enterprise as well
  • The vibe is always positive: I believe that JOY is a gateway to Purpose and building a business should be more fun than fear. We always start every module with joy.
  • I have a Masters Degree in International Relations with a focus on Female Economic Empowerment. My why is to fuel the female economy. I know the research, and I know the lived experience. Business is both a science and an art, and I focus on this sweet spot
  • I am almost a certified life coach [November 2019]: I don't claim to be the expert of your purpose, business or life. I truly believe that YOU have all the answers within you for what a purpose driven life and paycheck looks like. What I can provide, is powerful tools to help you unearth what your soul most wants and align it with your paycheck
  • I am trained to help you tap into your own genius zone and move beyond your self inflicted barriers while giving you insight into proven strategies to get you there faster
  • My commitment is to pour out my heart, soul, experience, and brain into you so that you feel set up for success. You get a two - feet - in business bestie. Our community is all collaboration over competition, because nobody can do what you do, like you do it #canigetanamen
  • If you're here, you probably relate to me being on team #cantwait200years for economic gender equality. Let's move the damn needle!

"Words cannot describe how much of a delight it has been to work with Robyn. Her passion, positivity, and encouragement only enhances her sound buiness acumen, guidance and expertise. 

Robyn is one of a kind... you will never meet someone like her! A reputable professional of many, many talents, Robyn's intuitive business sense, her drive and creative talent make her a varible force in the business community. She has a way of connecting with you on a deeper level and can easily identify what it is you are looking for, and somehow exceeds your expectations in delivering your ask every single time. Her energy is a uniquely beautiful mix of intelligence, empathy, wisdom, power and grace - a winning combination of traits any successful entrepreneur must have regular access to. Her work simply speaks for itself. 

You definitely walk away with more than you paid for. I highly recommend their services!" 

- Delofante, Toronto  

"I am always impressed with the dedication that Robyn gives to me and all her clients success. She listens carefully, responds to questions immediately and addresses problems effectively with wise advice. She is very easy to work with and her passion is infectious, you can tell that she loves her work!"

- Christina, Collingwood  

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

You should set aside 2-4 hours a week of learning and executing, depending on the module. However, we have found that the market research, website and funnel module typically demands more time than this. You should also set aside 1 hour a week for group coaching calls. This course is structured so that the group calls can support specific questions at each step of the way; however, you can take as long as you need to complete each module and the course as a whole. The calls will be recorded and you will still be able to benefit from the content no matter where you are in the program. We know life is not a one size fits all so the course can be customized to meet your needs.

What if I don't feel ready now?

Honestly, I'm not sure you will ever feel fully ready. Big rewards in life do come with an element of risk and uncertainty that is SCARY AF. I fully get it. But if you have read this far I am willing to bet that deep down you feel called to doing something else with your life and you are willing to bet on yourself! This program will guide you gently, support you firecely, and through it all I HAVE YOUR BACK! Nobody gets left behind! 

What if I have a business already?

You can still hugely benefit from this program if you have a business already and it's not at the six figure mark. It helps to continuously check in with your market research, analyze your funnel and emails, and perhaps consider if your branding is truly connecting with the people you need it to. You might need to trim down your offers and focus on just one signature offer so that you can build your audience and not dilute your message. A business assessment will help determine this.The money modules have also been really helpful to people at all stages of their business because it keeps your finances clean and organized, something that some entrepreneurs don't enjoy to focus on. #hellocreativebeauties. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! After the first two modules, if you show up fully and realize it is not for you, you get a full refund no questions asked!

I'm so overwhelmed, I have great ideas but don't know where to start. I've downloaded all the free content but it hasn't got me anywhere...

This is a super common experience in today's era of content overload. The truth is, having access to loads of free content DOES NOT mean you will reap the benefits because IMPLEMENTING and actually doing the work is so much more important.

The answer here is less about consuming and more about customizing and connecting with the people and strategies that matter to YOU.

Many of us need a support system, an accountability partner, someone to keep us motivated and organized, and very importantly: FOCUSED. No more scatter brained, busy for no reason, feeling stuck days!

I don't know what business to start, is this the right course for me?

Yes! This program will help you go from idea lab to reality. Through our process, you will gain clarity on what you want to pursue with your life and get the toolkit to monetize and bring it to life. You have lifetime access to the content, so you can go at your own pace if necessary.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in monthly installments to make the course more accessible for your monthly budget. 

"There is pretty much no such thing as ready, there is only right now. Your time is now. It's your turn to leap..."